Natural look in 5min, Make-up tutorial !

Do you keep hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock like me? Barely time to do your makeup? Don't worry! Sometimes it only takes 5 minutes.

I show you how to create a quick glowy makeup look in just a few steps. This tutorial is also ideal for those with sensitive skin!

STEP 1: skincare

SPF all the way!
Even if it is typical Belgium weather. Put on a good SPF every day like Mineral Ally Daily Face Defense SPF 50 . Not only does it prevent sunburn (which can increase the risk of skin cancer), but as a big bonus, it keeps your skin young!

In addition, I use Verso Daily Glow - a golden tinted cream packed with vitamins. It gives dull, tired skin a boost - exactly what I could use.

STEP 2: equalize

 If you suffer from some imperfections on the skin (think of pigmentation spots, dark circles around the eyes, pimples, acne, scars...) you can now level your skin. You do this with a concealer - the ILIA one is ideal for this. I use the color Suma SC1.5 . It is a very natural concealer with a light to medium coverage. Want a little more coverage? Then you can apply a second layer! With the Radiant Translucent Powder Brush SPF 20 you apply some powder on top of the zones where you will shine the fastest + this is also very nice to reapply SPF during the day. Did you know that your makeup also stays on better with a little powder?

STEP 3: glowy & sunkissed skin

Now that we've prepped and evened out our complexion, it's time for some color! Who doesn't love a glowy sunkissed look? The Nightlite Bronzing Powder (I use color Drawn In) is best applied in one under your cheekbones & on your forehead (close to your hairline). Less is more! Pick up a little product on a fluffy brush - then you can build up and take more and more product. The ILIA bronzers have a neutral undertone - making them not too orange! Apply some ILIA Multi-Stick to the apples of your cheeks. The shade I Put A Spell On You is perfect for all peachy lovers. Rub them upwards with your fingers! The ILIA cream highlighter is easiest to apply with your fingers. The color I use here, Polka Dots & Moonbeams, gives a beautiful pearlescent sheen. Take some product on your fingers and apply it where the light hits your face first: on your cheekbones, on top of the brow bone, in the corners of the eyes, on the bridge of your nose, cupid's bow... Anywhere you want! Et voila, a glowy sunkissed look!

STEP 4: eyes

What mascara can't do to your eyes! At a glance (wink wink) you look awake and refreshed! Sometimes it shouldn't be more than that! The Straight Up Volumizing Peptide Mascara from RMS is extremely nourishing for your lashes. Your lashes will become stronger and longer. Don't forget your eyebrows! The ILIA Essential Brow Gel (Blonde) gives your eyebrows a little more body, but still super natural.

STEP 5: lips

Have you tried ILIA's new lipstick, Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm ? If not, DO IT! It is a hybrid of a nourishing lip balm and a lipstick. Colour? Check! Soft hydrated lips? Check, check, check!

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